Zheng Shi


I am a PhD candidate in the computer science program at Princeton University, advised by Prof. Felix Heide in the Princeton Computational Imaging Lab. My research interests are in machine learning for computational photography and computer vision. I am currently working on developing specialized flat optics, such as diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and metalens, with end-to-end optimization methods for downstream vision tasks. I received my SC.B. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.

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Zheng Shi


Zheng Shi, Yuval Bahat, Seung-Hwan Baek, Qiang Fu, Hadi Amata, Xiao Li, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Wolfgang Heidrich, Felix Heide
SIGGRAPH 2022, poster at ICCP 2022

Seung-Hwan Baek, Noah Walsh, Ilya Chugunov, Zheng Shi, Felix Heide
ACM Transactions on Graphics (presented at SIGGRAPH 2022)

Clara Callenberg, Zheng Shi, Felix Heide, Matthias B. Hullin

Zheng Shi*, Ethan Tseng*, Mario Bijelic*, Werner Ritter, Felix Heide
CVPR 2021

Academic Honors

Rohn Truell Prize, 2018 Recipient


Reviewer for Virtual Reality, Optica Express, Transactions on Computational Imaging, IEEE VR, Eurographics, ICCV and CVPR.


Princeton COS 426: Computer Graphics, Graduate Assistant Instructor, Spring 2021
Princeton SML201: Introduction to Data Science, Graduate Assistant Instructor, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022 (head TA), Spring 2023 (head TA)
Brown University Academic Tutoring Program, Mathematics Tutor, 2016


Día de la Ciencia, 20K Inspirational Stories Contributor, Summer 2020

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